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Case studies of Energy Citizenship


In the EnergyPROSPECTS project, we studied 40 cases of energy citizenship from 9 countries in detail, shortlisted from the database of 596 cases collected earlier. We used a mixed methods approach (document research and participant interviews), and studied many aspects of energy citizenship. Below, we include the ones that focused

  • on the development of the cases, focusing on their objectives and approach, and the type of energy citizenship they support; and
  • on how they support social and environmental sustainability objectives, and how these are manifested in their objectives and activities.

Description and development of cases: Case Summary Reports

In the following documents, we introduce the methodology we used to select and study the 40 cases of energy citizenship, and also the Case Summary Reports we prepared following our analysis of the data.

Methodology for studying the cases:
PDF icon EnergyPROSPECTS Case Summary Reports Methodology

Case Summary Reports on 10 of the cases:

Collection of 40 Case Summary Reports:
EnergyPROSPECTS 40 Case Summary Reports (D3.5 Part 2)


Sustainability-focused analysis of the 40 cases

PDF icon EnergyPROSPECTS Meta analysis of cases of energy citizenship (D3.5 Part 1)


Project partners participating in the case collection:



Case country partners