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TreeDependent – Responsible events, responsible travel, responsible lifestyles

What does it really mean to work towards a low-carbon, small footprint lifestyle? The carbon footprint is an index indicating the – direct and indirect – CO2 emission of an event, product, company, etc. The bigger your carbon footprint is, the more damaging effect it has on the environment. Obviously, it is best to avoid the emission, i.e. to organise our company life and events with the least possible CO2 emission.  If we cannot avoid emissions, there are ways to offset and compensate for them. The most natural way is probably planting trees.

Planting trees can not only reduce the effects of climate change, the method has several additional advantages. Selecting the appropriate species of trees can help preserve biodiversity, trees can produce fruit, provide habitat and nourishment for animals, provide shades, directly cool their environment and they can play an important part in environmental education.

Furthermore, it is of vital importance that trees planted in the framework of the TreeDependent programme also contribute to the achievement of social aims: they are planted in the gardens of educational insititutions, social entreprises as well as NGOs working to solve social issues and reduce inequity. Thus, TreeDependent trees contribute to ahcieving educational, employment creation and community development aims as well.

At GreenDependent we believe in finding solutions to environmental and social problems that contribute to the solution of both aspects.

In relation to the above, the TreeDependent programme contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as follows:


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