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Save@Work (Horizon 2020)

GreenDependent implemented a project between 2015-17 with the title „Save@Work" ("Spórolunk@kiloWattal" in Hungarian). The aim of the project was to influence and help the behavioural change of employees of public buildings and municipalities to become more climate conscious. 9 countries with 180 public buildings participated in the 3-year-long project reaching about 17,000 employees. The one-year-long energy saving competition - running from March 2016 to February 2017 - helped the participating buildings to reduce their energy use in a fun way. Our international partners were from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Sweden and the UK.

In Hungary 19 buildings participated with over 2000 employees. Participants were involved in three categories during the competition: (1) greatest energy savings, (2) best energy saving campaign, (3) best action plan for the future.

In terms of energy savings, each building had a competition with itself. They tried to save energy compared to their baseline data. By the aid of an online 'carbon calculator' each building was able to monitor their energy consumption (electricity, natural gas / district heating). The Municipality of Pázmánd has reached the most energy saving, as much as 13.2 %. In the best energy saving campaign, one building of the Municipality of Miskolc was the best, while the best action plan for the future was written by an other building of the Municipality of Miskolc.

At the beginning and at the end of the campaign, employees were asked to fill in a pre- and post-campaign surveys about their knowledge, experiences and behaviour change. According to the surveys, the number of those starting new energy saving routine has risen. Moreover, a high rate of participants started new energy saving practices in their homes as well. The campaign had a team building impact, too. At the end of the campaign employees felt more support from their management than before. As much as 89% of respondents stated they are willing to continue good practices.

The national patron of the project in Hungary was Dr. Gyula Bándi, Ombudsman for Future Generations.

GreenDependent Institute has led two Work Packages (WPs) in the project: WP4 for Campaign Material and WP6 for Evaluation and Research Support.

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