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ENERGISE project


ENERGISE was an innovative pan-European research initiative to achieve a greater scientific understanding of the social and cultural influences on energy consumption. ENERGISE developed, tested and assessed options aimed at transforming the quality and quantity of energy use among households and communities across Europe.

The ENERGISE project aimed to:

1. Develop an innovative framework to evaluate energy initiatives, taking into account existing social practices and cultures which affect energy consumption.
2. Assess and compare the impact of European energy consumption reduction initiatives.
3. Advance the use of Living Lab approaches for researching and transforming energy cultures.
4. Produce new research-led insights into the role of household routines and changes to those
routines towards more sustainable energy.
5. Encourage positive interaction between actors from society, the policy arena and industry.
6. Effectively transfer project outputs towards the implementation of the European Energy Union.

How did the ENERGISE consortium achieve these aims?

ENERGISE developed a Living Labs approach to directly observe existing energy cultures and social practices related to energy consumption in a real-world setting and to test both household and community-level initiatives to reduce energy consumption. A comprehensive review and classification of household and community energy initiatives from 30 European countries provided the foundation for the development of two prototype ‘ENERGISE Living Labs’ designed to address the dynamics of individual and collective energy consumption. Data collection before, during and after the implementation of 16 Living Labs in 8 partner countries was instrumental in contributing to the design and assessment of future energy consumption initiatives across Europe.


For more information please visit the central website of the ENERGISE project:


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