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CONVERGE e-book: Equity within Limits

The e-book is a summary of the research carried out by GreenDependent in the CONVERGE project. Thus, it provides information on the methodology used, introduces the 28 case studies (initiatives) studied in detail from differenent countries and fields, as well as contains analysis and evalution chapters.

In cooperation with the CONVERGE consortium, GreenDependent researchers attempted to find initiatives from all fields of life – including policy, business, research and community initiatives, etc. – in different parts of the world that address the imperatives of both living within the limits of the planet(contraction) and sharing its resources equitably (convergence).

In the e-book the Convergence Mapping Tool is also introduced, which helps show how various types of initiatives and organizations manage to address this double challenge of living more equitably within limits as well as provides an indication of how they could develop further towards more Convergence.

The e-book can be downloaded from here.

The background paper to the e-book is available here.