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The process of calculating and offsetting of carbon footprints

The figure below shows the general process of calculating and compensating carbon footprints:

  1. It is advisable to consult with GreenDependent before the emission thus ensuring that all the necessary data will be available for calculating the carbon footprint.

On demand, we assist our clients in organising their events with environmental consultancy so that they could be as green as possible and consequently, have lower emission.

  1. Based on the data we collect, GreenDependent will calculate the carbon footprint and determine how many native fruit trees would compensate for the related emission.

We will calculate the number of trees for different periods (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20 years). Naturally, the longer the period is, the fewer trees are necessary. However, the compensation for the carbon footprint will also take longer. Given the climate emergency, we advise our clients to choose shorter compensation periods.

  1.  Once the length of the compensation period is determined, trees will be purchased from a nursery that is specialized in raising native trees.

Following this, there are two possible ways for planting the trees:

  • GreenDependent hands them over to the client who will then be responsible for planting them,
  • Alternatively, and in most of the cases so far, GreenDependent will take care of the planting. Primarily, the trees will be planted in the garden of schools and other educational and non-profit institutions. All the administrative and organisational tasks will are handled by GreenDependent.


  1. After planting the trees, GreenDependent will prepare a detailed report with photos. The report includes details of the planting event, travel, carbon footprint as well as the number of trees planted together with their exact location and photos of the planting itself.


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