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References, articles, materials

Selected references in the TreeDependent programme:

• Carbon calculation and compensation of business and professional events and conferences  
   (e.g. Hungarian Business Council for Sustainable Development business lunches, membership events, executive workshops,
           Bo-Live Branding Agency/E.ON  Leadership Workshops,
           CEEweb international conferences (pl. CEEweb Academy),
           CIB Bank Novathon conference,
           BCSDH/ING Bank/Dutch Embassy Circular Economy Summit)

• Carbon calculation and compensation of Christmas parties
   (e.g. ALTEO Plc.)

• Carbon calculation and compensation of galas and award ceremonies
   (e.g. E.ON Energy Globe Award ceremony)

• Carbon calculation compensation of partner meetings
   (e.g. Biofilter Co., HungaroControl)

• Carbon footprint calculation and compensation of webshop order deliveries
   (e.g. VUUV Works)

• Carbon footprint calculation and compensation of private and business air flights
   (e.g. Agnes Zolyomi, Veronika Kiss, Edina and Kristof Vadovics)

• Consultancy  for green and low-carbon events
   (e.g. Degrowth conference 2016, European Association of Archaeologists's Conference 2020, ISDRS Conference 2020,
           ENERGISE H2020 project meetings and events)

• Participation in the compensation of the carbon footprint calculated by other organisations
   (e.g. Folprint Zöldnyomda - a green printing company)

•  Tree plantings as gifts or celebrations
    (e.g. ethical investment promotion events by K&H Bank,
           K&H Bank employee green commitments,
           Tree planting to celebrate a graduation event in a Budapest secondary school)

•  Planting trees as donations or to celebrate anniversaries
    (e.g. Allison Advertising, Foxpost)

•  Carbon footprint calculation and compensation of GreenDependent Institute and Association’s community and professional events and training events
    (e.g. ENERGISE Living Labs Hungarian closing event,
            E.ON EnergyNeighbourhood training and community events,
            CONVERGE international workshop, etc.

Articles and materials about carbon footprint calculation and compensation at GreenDependent and its projects:


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