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Vision catalogue and Citizen-based topics for future EU research - important outputs of the CIMULACT project are available

Two important output documents of the CIMULACT project - which built on an extensive multistakeholder consultation process - are now available for download :

* the CIMULACT Vision Catalogue, which includes the 179 visions created by 1088 citizens in 30 EU countries; and

* the 23 Citizen-Based Topics for Future EU Research that is a collection of the research topics developed based on the citizen visions through further multi-step stakeholder consultation.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to write to us!

Alternatively, you can visit the CIMULACT website.

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Citizens as co-creators of responsible research agendas for a sustainable future

Aiming to contribute to addressing the call for a closer connection between EU-funded research and societal needs, the CIMULACT project embarked on an extensive participatory initiative, including citizens, experts, policy makers and other stakeholders from across Europe. Numerous face-to-face meetings and a large-scale online consultation were implemented in 30 European countries to develop directions for future research, which are based on citizens’ visions and aspirations for the future.

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