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Methodological description and materials used of ENERGISE Living Labs available!

The ENERGISE project aimed at challenging energy practices in eight European countries. One crutial element of the project was the so-called 'living laboratory' or living lab methodology. This is a relatively new reseach method in which experiments are carried out under real conditions, with real households. In the scope of ENERGISE, the experiments focused on the intention of households to take challenges related to heating and laundry as well as to monitor whether they are able to meet these challenges.

A detailed description of Living Labs is available HERE, where we can follow the whole methodology step-by-step.

Documents designed for these particular living labs (surveys, diaries, inverviews, leaflets etc.) are available HERE.

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ENERGISE book launched!

An online book titled 'Energy Demand Challenges in Europe - Implications for policy, planning and practice', edited by Frances Fahy, Gary Goggins and Charlotte Jensen (2019) is available HERE. Edina Vadovics, Scientific Director of GreenDependent also wrote a chapter titled 'The Energy Challenge in Hungary: A Need for More Complex Approaches' (Chapter 8).

In the ENERGISE project, energy use practices of 300+ European households were challenged in autumn 2018 to change practices related to heating and laundry. After data collection, analysis and comparison of data is underway. Fore more information please visit

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ENERGISE Final Conference in Barcelona (15th October)

ENERGISE is an innovative pan-European research initiative to achieve a greater scientific understanding of the social and cultural influences on energy consumption. In the scope of the project 300+ households from 8 countries participated in so-called Living Labs to reduce the number of their washing cycles and indoor temperature. GreenDependent Institute participated in the programme as a project partner, and worked with 41 Hungarian households during the Living Labs.

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Households have been fighting against climate change for five years now

The fifth season of the E.ON EnergyNeighbourhoods program has just ended, the GreenDependent Institute held the closing award ceremony on the 25th of May. We celebrated the participants of this season, also the 5th anniversary of the program. We gave thanks to our partners from E.ON and the most enthusiastic coordinators who led their team at least for three seasons.

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