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5th issue of the ENERGISE Newsletter is available!

In recent months, ENERGISE team has been busy with concluding the implementation of the ENERGISE Living Labs (ELLs), and progressing with the analysis both at the country and cross-country levels. For the interest of those wishing to study or set up living labs, all the ENERGISE Living Lab materials have been made available.
The final ENERGISE event will be held in Barcelona on 15th October. Attendance is free and you everybody is welcome to register. The draft programme of the event is also available.

The newsletter is available HERE.

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Energy saving lifestyle experiment ends with success

In response to the increasingly urgent climate change challenge, several climate and energy targets are promoted with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonising the economy. However, the current pace and scale of change is insufficient to achieve the necessary sustainability transitions in energy systems; there is an increasing realisation that meeting energy targets is highly dependent on several complex aspects of final energy consumption patterns or energy demand. As households are responsible for one third of final energy use, they are seen as playing a role in energy transitions - which implies challenging social norms and habits around energy usage in the home.

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Video clip about the ENERISE Living Lab closing event

Here you can find a video clip about the ENERISE Living Lab closing event.

At the event, GreenDependent presented results of the energy saving efforts related to the ENERGISE Living Labs, particularly in terms of the heating and laundry challenges households had taken. Furthermore, presenters invited to the event shared a lot of information about energy efficiency of homes, renewable energy and community energy.

If you wish to learn more about the programme, click HERE.

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Closing event of the ENERGISE Living Labs

The final event of the ENERGISE Living Labs was held on the 6th of April in Gödöllő (Hungary), organised by GreenDependent Institute. The great majority of 41 households participating in the laundry and heating challenges came to the event with their families, therefore more than 100 people celebrated together the successful closure of Living Labs.

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