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The first newsletter of the EU 1.5° Lifestyles project is out!

Newsletter headerThe aim of the newsletter is to provide regular updates about the progress and outcomes of the Horizon 2020 funded EU 1.5° Lifestyles project,

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Coordinator trainings in the EnergyNeighbourhoods programme were held in a good mood

The EU's Sustainable Energy Award winning EnergyNeighbourhoods program - which was launched in 2011 with the support of the European Union, and then since 2013 with the support of the E.ON Hungária Group - has been encouraging people who want to save energy and green their households for the tenth time.

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GreenDependent Institute's EnergyNeighbourhoods Program have won European Sustainable Energy Award

Innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, individuals and projects with outstanding performance in the field have been recognized with the prestigious international award

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Our EnergyNeighbourhoods programme is finalist in the EU Sustainable Energy Awards!

Households in Hungary cut energy consumption by up to a quarter through behavioural changes and community support

EnergyNeighbourhoods, a green lifestyle programme that empowers citizens to save energy announced as a finalist in the upcoming EU Sustainable Energy Awards.

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The 10th season of EnergyNeighbourhoods programme will begin soon in 2021

After 9 successful seasons, the energy saving and lifestyle change programme called ’EnergyNeighbourhoods’ will be launched for the 10th time in autumn 2021, organised by GreenDependent Institute with the support of the E.ON Hungaria Group. The programme's main objective is to promote and enable low-carbon and green lifestyles among families, households and small communities.

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3 new papers related to the ENERGISE project

Although ENERGISE project ended at the end of 2019, researchers are still active in analysing its results. At the moment, 3 new papers are available below! All of them are available open access, which means that the entire version of the papers can be read for free:

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Press release: The communities of EnergyNeighbourhoods saved enough energy to do 142,000 loads of washing

The 7th season of E.ON EnergyNeighbourhoods (altogether the 9th season of EnergyNeighbourhoods) has just ended under the organisation of GreenDependent Institute.

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Fighting climate change with changing lifestyles – Researchers and practitioners from seven European countries will explore possibilities of transforming lifestyles to support climate goals

Thursday, 27th May, 2021: A group of researchers and practitioners from seven European countries has launched the EU 1.5° Lifestyles project. Its main aim is to foster the mainstreaming of lifestyles in accordance with the 1.5° aspirational climate target and to facilitate transformations sought by the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal.

To this purpose, the project develops guidance for policy makers, intermediary actors and individuals based on scientific evidence on how lifestyle choices affect carbon footprint, and how political, economic and social contexts enable or constrain sustainable lifestyles options.

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Nine research organisations from across Europe launch project Energy PROSPECTS // Researchers from nine European countries will explore energy citizenship across Europe

Wednesday 12th May, 2021: Today researchers from nine European countries – Ireland, Belgium, Latvia, Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain and Bulgaria start a three-year project EnergyPROSPECTS to explore the various and challenging aspects of energy citizenship across Europe. The partners will work with citizens communities, businesses and decision-makers to explore ways of involving citizens in the clean-energy transition. The project consortium has received competitive European research funding in the Horizon 2020 programme. The research team from GreenDependent Institute is proud to be a part of the project EnergyPROSPECTS and as such contribute to the transition to clean-energy.

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