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Blog by Edina Vadovics on transformative social innovation and ecological sustainability

Edina Vadovics, the research director of GreenDependent Institute contributed a blog on Ecological Sustainability and the Urgency of Transformative Social Innovation to the website of the TRANSIT (Transformative Social Innovation Theory) project. The most important message of the blog is that social innovation only becomes transformative if it explicitly addresses both the ecological and social aspects of sustainability, and helps move towards a state that is within ecological limits in a just and equitable way. Edina takes the example of climate change and the carbon footprint to explain this in more detail and provides two inspiring examples, one from Hungary and one from India, of what transformative social innovation can look like.

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Final brochures of the save@work project

Final brochures of the save@work project are available now. The brochures provide information about experiences and results of the project aiming at energy behaviour change of workplaces in nine European countries. The Hungarian brochure is available HERE (in Hungarian), the European version can be downloaded from HERE (in English).

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GreenDependent at the final conference of the TRANSIT project

GreenDependent research director Edina Vadovics participates in the TRANSIT (Transformative Social Innovation Theory) project as a member of the International Advisory Board (IAB). At the final TRANSIT conference, Learning for Change, organised in Rotterdam, together with other members of the IAB she presented in an innovative plenary section. Innovative, because provocative 10-minute presentations by the IAB were interspersed with world café style discussions involving all participants. The discussions centered around the thought-provoking questions about transformative social innovation posed at the end of each presentation.

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We concluded the save@work project: the evaluation report and summary brochures are now available

In September the save@work project was concluded in the 9 participating European countries. During the project, altogether 176 public buildings in Europe participated in an energy saving campaign and competition. The research-based methodology of the project considered the theory of interpersonal behaviour, combined top-down and bottom-up approaches and recognized the importance of groups and community building. Energy was saved through changing everyday behaviour and practices. 73% of all participating managed to reduce their energy consumption on average by 8% during the campaign year. However, the most successful buildings reached a much higher saving: the winning Belgian municipality saved 25% energy.

In addition to saving energy it is important to expose the role and significance of the project in raising the awareness of employees and establishing new energy efficient behaviour and practices that can serve as the basis for future sustainable energy activities. save@work contributed to developing more knowledgeable and skilful, as well as more cohesive, employee communities that are ready to focus on making even more energy savings - an outcome that is as important as the savings achieved.

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Acting for the environment: cooperation between a ’green’ and a ’social’ organisation

The EnergyNeighbourhoods project has promoted low-carbon, green way of life and behaviour change in everyday practices among families, households and small communities since 2011, emphasizing that climate-friendly, green lifestyle can be achieved by anyone. Between 2016-17 a Roma community, living in the village of Bag under deeply poor conditions, participated in the project, supported by a logal NGO, BAGázs Public Benefit Association.

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First ENERGISE Newsletter available

The first Newsletter in our ENERGISE research project has been issued, edited by GreenDependent Institute. The Newsletter can be read here.

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The winners of the save@work campaign gathered in Brussels

Representatives of the best Energy Teams from 8 European countries came together in Brussels to attend the closing event of the year-long energy saving campaign, the save@work. The EU funded save@work project has been supporting teams of employees in 176 public sector buildings to save energy using simple behaviour change techniques and experiencing extraordinary results.

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E.ON EnergyNeighbourhoods Closing Event 2017

The prize-giving closing event of the energy saving programme 'E.ON EnergyNeigbourhoods' was held on 10th June 2017 in Budapest. At the end of the six months' competition, energy saving efforts and creativity of communities, as well as volunteer climate coordinators were awarded by the organisor, GreenDependent Institute.

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EnergyNeigbourhoods in Hungary

The following short movie was shot at the EnergyNeigbourhoods 2017 final award ceremony in Hungary organized by GreenDependent.

More info on the event here.


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The mayor and the cleaning lady joined forces against climate change − Public buildings have been awarded for their energy saving efforts

The closing and award ceremony for the year-long energy saving campaign called save@work was held on 25 May 2017 in Budapest. The EU funded campaign ran between 1 March 2016 and 28 February 2017, with 19 public buildings and over 2000 employees participating from Hungary. Its most important aim was to reduce the participating buildings' overall energy consumption by changing the employees' everyday practices and behaviour. The national partner was GreenDependent Institute, which provided the expertise and materials, as well as coordinated and organised the Hungarian events.

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